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Founded in 1991y. State Accreditation N 122' 2004. State Licens N 0-50, 206, 200, 185.
Founder: academician Levon Harutyunyan.

  Rector: Anahit Harutyunyan, doctor of philology, professor.



  University Academic Staff:   12 Academicians, 85 Doctor of Science and PhD.

The education form is
    internal, external.


The graduates are awarded a graduation diploma, which is a state-authorized document asserting the higher education completion for state agencies.

The graduates work in state and private institutions - companies, continue their education in the post graduate course.



- Institute of International Relations after Lazarian
- Base College
- Base-School
- Base Policlinic
- Department of professional orientation (preparatory)
- Post graduate education department (intern, clinoordinatory, Š h D course).
- Faculty of social professions
- Foreign students department
- Academic Council
- Student research society
- Student parliament
- Scientific Center of Phytotherapy, and Center of Ecology
- Publishing House




Haybusak University of Yerevan was founded in 1990 by Academician L. Harutyunyan, thus becoming one of the first private universities of the newly-independent Armenia.

The 17-year-old university has about 3400 students, 3100 alumni, 300 teachers (among them 48 Professors, 64 PhD, 12 Academicians) and is developing rapidly. The university was granted state accreditation in 2001.

The graduates are entitled to work all over the world: in Armenia, CIS, Europe, USA, etc. The university has three faculties:

  1. the Faculty of Medicine with specializations in General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacology,
  2. the Faculty of Economics with specializations in Economics and Enterprise Management, Accountancy and Audit, Computer Science,
  3. the Humanities Faculty with specializations in Romance and Germanic Philology, Pedagogic and Elementary School Teaching. The university offers both full-time and part-time instruction, and various Master's and other post-graduate courses.

The university has published many books, textbooks, manuals, brochures and other educational and research materials designed and prepared by the university staff.

The Faculty of Medicine

  • Department of Therapy: 5 years - 300.000 AMD
  • Department of Stomatology: 4 years - 350.000 AMD
  • Department of Pharmaceutics: 4 years - 300.000 AMD

The Faculty of Ecology - Nature protection and use of natural resources: 4 years - 200.000 AMD

Elective Courses:

1. Clinical psychology
2. Medical cosmetology
3. Phytotherapy

Practical training is carried out on the following bases:

- Medical centre “Armenia”
- Maternity hospital “Aresh”
- Medical centre "Malatia"
- Clinical hospital N 8
- Clinical hospital N 3
- Medical centre of dermatology
- Children's isolations hospital
- Stomatological polyclinics N 3, N 8, N 9, N 10,
- Base polyclinic of the University

Post diploma education in National Institute of Health Protection.



  1. the Faculty of Law and Economics with specializations in Law, Business Economics and Management, and Computer Engineering,

  2. the Humanities Faculty with specializations in Diplomacy (International Relations), Foreign Languages, and Pedagogy and Psychology,

  3. the Applied Arts Faculty with specializations in Clothes Modeling (Fabrics Industry), Exterior and Interior Design, and Fine Arts.


Faculty of Law and Economics

4 years - (Bachelor Degrees) - 175.000 - 200.000 AMD

  • Law

  • Business Economics

  • Financial and banking management

  • Medical management

  • Management of accounting

  • Management of information systems

  • Service management

  • Computer Engineering

    Practice and acquirement of professional skills of

    - The ministry of Finance and Economy
    - Banks: "Prometheus", "Anelik", "Armeconom", "Convers"
    - Manufacturing enterprises

    Elective Courses

    1. Economic law
    2. Customs law




    The Faculty of Arts

    4 years (Bachelor Degree) - 200.000 AMD

  • Psychology and Pedagogies

  • Pedagogies and methods of elementary teaching

  • Romance and Germany Philology (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • The university offers both full-time and part-time instruction, and various Master's and other post-graduate courses. The graduates are entitled to work in the area of Law (courts, NGOs, legislative and judicial institutions), in various industries, factories, banks, etc., as well as in town halls, marz (province) centers, and other administrative centers.

    Pedagogy and Psychology Faculty graduates are entitled to work in schools and other educational institutions.

    The Applied Arts Faculty graduates have gained considerable recognition in different parts of the world. Many of them work for big companies, participate in international exhibitions and organize individual ones.

    International Relations Institute after H. Lazarian

    4 years (Bachelor Degree) - 200.000 AMD

    International Relations Institute after H. Lazaryan was founded in 1997 by Prof. Astabatyan. In 2003 it joined Haybusak University and afterwards in 2006 it became a member of International Academy of Education.
    The Institute has three faculties:

    1. Oriental Studies (Arabic, Persian);

    2. International Relations.

      The Institute is accredited by the state, currently it has about 300 students and 600 alumni who work both in Armenia and abroad.
      The Institute has a student association, a club of young diplomats, where round table sessions and workshops are often held.


    Practice and acquirement of professional skills at:

    - Embassies
    - International organizations
    - Yerevan schools
    - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA


    Elective courses

    1. International low
    2. Economics and International service management
    3. Political science
    4. Journalism
    5. Social psychology
    6. Russian Language
    7. Civil work


    Yerevan Art Institute of Design

    Was founded in 1992 by resolution No 108 dated September 20, 2001.
    Resolution No. 152 dated November 11, 2005 of the Republic of Armenia Government.
    Hase joined to the IAE in 2011.

    Faculties and branches


    Industrial design: object projection, furniture, equipment;

    Graphic design and packing: elaboration of elements of graphic firm style, advertisement, computer graphics;

    Setting design (interior, exterior) for living, working, producing location; landscape design;

    Textile design: carpet, tapestry, rug, cloth design (batiks);

    Applied design: art elaboration of metal, wood, ceramic, stone;

    Advertisement design.

    The entire studying process in aforementioned faculties is structured by method of creative competition.



    The Institute is equipped with:

    - educational and productive basis,
    - studios,
    - laboratories,
    - library,
    - an event hall with 500 seats.

    The Institute provides its graduates with work and supports them in continuing their education in abroad.

    Except of four-year education the Institute organizes also one-year specialized teaching of folk arts (blacksmith's work, silver curving, wood curving, etc.).

    Other specialists with higher education can study at the Institute with intensive teaching program.





    Second Higher Education - according to individual schedule (duration is 2-3 years).
    In case of a secondary special education is 2-3 years.


    Studies and organization leisure in the Universities and Campuses of Europe, U.S.A. and Russia in association with Youth Programs of International Teaching



    The College was founded in 1997 in order to provide secondary professional instruction. The College has the following departments:

    • Obstetrics,

    • Hospital Nursery,

    • Dental Mechanics,

    • Accountancy and Audit,

    • Translation and Customs procedures.

    The teaching at the College is full-time, instruction period is 2-3 years, 125.000-150.000 AMD