Republic of Armenia Anania Shirakatsi University of International Releations

Tigran Metz ave. 65a, Yerevan, Armenia

Tel.: (374 10) 57-31-71
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Established in 1990. Licence N 117. State accreditation N 060 06.12.02.
Founders - V.Madoyan, R.Madoyan, E.Kharslyan, T.Poghossyan

Rector: V.V. Madoyan, doctor of philological sciences, professor.

The professorial-teaching staff includes 2 academicians, 7 professors, 22 assistant professors.

The number of students studying in current year is

The form of teaching:

The graduates are awarded a graduation diploma, which is a state-authorized document asserting the higher education completion for state agencies.

Payment discounts and privileges are available for progressive students. University has a student committee, clubs and associations.


University announces entrance for the following specialities:

- Foreign languages (English, German);
- International economics;
- Journalism (including training for cameramen);
- Law.

Duration of study is 4 years with the advanced programmes.
During the years of study students take complete computer courses and an additional foreign language course.

The University has all necessary text-books, its own building and modern material and technical basis (library, audio and video halls, computer and information centres, TV and video film studio).
Students, who graduated in the period from 1994 till 2008 now occupy highly-paid posts in different Armenian and foreign banks, firms, US Embassy, in the government of RA and also in the USA, England, France, Russia.
  They teach in 18 different universities of CIS and continue their studies at California, Munich, Moscow universities and at the Armenian University of Armenia.
Many students are sent to study in different countries (France, Germany and etc.). The best students are sent to the post-graduate courses at the Nations' Freindship Moscow State University in Moscow.



Entrance to the faculty of international business and law is available for graduates of higher educational institutions.

- for the specialists of foreign languages - 1 year,
- for economists and lawyers - 1 year and 8 month.

The tuition fee is 240.000 dram per year.

Entrance exams
Journalism Armenian language (written), Foreign language (oral), Armenian language (oral).
International Economics Mathem.(written), Armenian language (written),
Foreign language (oral).
History of Armenia (oral), Armenian language (written), Foreign language (oral).

Foreign languages

Foreign language (written), Foreign language (oral), Armenian language (written).

Documents are received from 1st of June till 15th of September.